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About Us

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Taxes 2 Cash was created to meet the biggest demand currently in the retail tax preparation industry – immediate cash. The need for a consumer friendly tax advance has become more and more necessary. We have partnered with various independent tax preparation companies in the country to provide a resource for customers to search and find a match for their immediate cash needs. These tax companies have proven over the years to maintain high customer satisfaction and continue to offer the most up to date products in the ever changing tax preparation industry.


"I received my cash so quickly and easily. I'll always use Taxes2Cash.com to find the right tax office for me."

- Vivian

Group of Diverse Business Colleagues Enjoying Success

"A process that used to be so painful turned out to be easy and enjoyable using Taxes2Cash.com."

- Kenny


"The refund transfer process was confidential and seamless - I wouldn't go anywhere else."

- Jose

Group of Diverse Business Colleagues Enjoying Success

"The tax preparer I found on Taxes2Cash.com helped me out when my family and I were in a financial bind. I feel grateful to have found them."

- Amber